What Is A Written Scheme Of Examination

What Is A Written Scheme Of Examination

A written examination plan is a document that contains information about components of a pressure system, such as equipment or plants, that operate under pressure and contain a liquid relevant to the operation.

What is a relevant fluid?

The Pressure System Safety Regulations (PSSR) define the term “relevant fluid,” which includes compressed or liquefied gas, such as air, with a pressure greater than 0.5 bar (approximately 7 psi) above atmospheric pressure; pressurized hot water above 110 °C; and steam at any pressure.

Which aspects of PSSR are relevant to my system?

You will need a Written Scheme of Examination in place before you can use your pressure system if it falls within the scope of the relevant regulations. The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) has provided a flow chart to determine which parts of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations apply to your system:

Please Note: The flow chart below only applies to type (a) pressure systems, as defined in pssr regulation 2(1). This does not include a type (b) pressure system- ‘the pipework with its corresponding safety features to which a transportable pressure receptacle is, or plans to be, connected.’ -or a type (c): ‘a pipeline and its protective devices.’ If your pressure system falls under either definition of (b) or (c), this diagram will not suffice.

The Health and Safety Executive has released this information, which is available under the open government license.

What Information Is In A Written Scheme Of Examination?

A written scheme of examination typically contains the following items:

  • The third phase of integrated system analysis involves the identification and evaluation of items within the system.
  • It is a technique that may be used to study an entire system. It involves identifying particular elements of the procedure or system to be investigated and analyzing them.
  • the examination will include an inspection and testing of all safety devices.
  • the necessary preparations to ensure safety while examining the item;
  • where necessary, the examination required before using the system for the first time.
  • the longest amount of time you can go between examinations.
  • The essential components of the system, which, if changed or fixed, must be examined by a knowledgeable individual before the system is used again.;
  • In addition, the name of the certifying expert and the date of certification must be included.


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