Replacement Refrigirated Air Compressors

Replacement Refrigerated Air Compressors

Looking for Replacement Refrigerated Air Compressors ?

Be aware that the ambient air around us is made up of some amount of water vapor. Consequently, when this air is compressed, its moisture content increases – and if not treated properly, it could cause problems down the line for your compressor setup. Thankfully, treating compressed air to regulate humidity levels can help prevent such issues from occurring!

What is refrigerated drying?

A refrigerated or refrigerant drying system offers an ideal solution for people who need to separate a large amount of water from their compressed air. This method cools the air, allowing it to condense and form droplets that can be easily collected and then reheated back up to room temperature not to cause further condensation on the outside of the pipe system.

By exchanging the hot, incoming compressed air with cooler outgoing air, this method reduces the temperature of newly incoming compressed air and downscales the necessity for a refrigerant circuit cooling capacity. Furthermore, the entire process is done through an enclosed refrigerated system that guarantees efficient cooling of your compressed airflow.

You can significantly decrease energy use in contemporary models by employing clever management algorithms to regulate the refrigerant air dryer. Refrigerated air dryers are employed for dew points anywhere from +2 ˚C to an impressive +10 ˚C!

Moreover, refrigerated air dryers have a surprisingly low freezing limit at the condensed water point. As a result, you can acquire them either as separate machines or in the form of integrated drying modules inside compressors – with the latter being ideal for those who value space since it takes up significantly less room than its counterpart and guarantees peak performance regardless of compressor capacity.

Is a refrigerated air dryer right for you?

Whether your application requires it or not, a refrigerated air dryer is a perfect solution for most standard industrial requirements. And if you’re looking to keep up with environmental standards, modernizing will provide models with low Global Warming Potential (GWP) that use safe and efficient refrigerant gases.

This implies that refrigerants that are inadvertently emitted into the atmosphere contribute less to climate change. Therefore, in line with laws for environmental protection, future refrigerant gases will have an even lower global warming potential (GWP).

When compared to desiccant dryers, these machines offer a low upfront cost and require minimal upkeep – making them an ideal choice for businesses.

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